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Appliances repair, refrigerator, oven, stoves, dishware and dryer repair services in Oshawa, Durham, Newmarket, Burlington, and Markham

Imagine a situation when a daily-used good at home is damaged. The problem would not be limited to homes in crowded cities. Even people in relatively small towns face the same problem. This situation becomes the reason for us to widen or repair services to a broader area in Ontario.

We cater for Oshawa, the city on the Lake Ontario shoreline, the Newmarket town in Ontario, Burlington, at the Northwestern end of Lake Ontario, as well as the city of Markham which is situated within the Great Toronto Area. Durham, the historic city which is more to the country side in the East of Toronto has no negative effect by our services though it is out of the crowded industrial areas as we have observed the needs of people all around. Therefore, stop worrying if you are resided in or around these areas as we do any type of home, as well as commercial appliance repair.

A little about us

We are a professional service provider rich with experienced staff. We are proud to say that the employee recruiting procedure consists of a few interviews and practical measures, just because we need to provide our customers with a perfect service. We have certain standards regarding the quality of work, payments as well as discipline, and are concerned about maintaining them.

Some recognized services

  • We repair electric, as well as gas ovens when there are issues with temperature, power supply, burners or broil element.
  • Common problems in dryers such as having bad temperature operators, various issues in the thermostat, timer, and heating coils, as well as complex issues can be solved in a satisfactory way by our team of professional dryer repairers.
  • The stove repairing department is separate as issues in gas, and electric stoves are much different, and the range of clients is wide. If your stove is gas, there may be problems in lighting. If it is electric, there can be issues in the burners, or heat. We handle all types of issues including these.
  • Let us introduce you to dishware repairing, which is bit different than rest of our services. We have a separate set of employees to handle these kinds of jobs.

Our staff is good in repairing all of the above, and many others including refrigerators, showers and air- conditioners. Please feel free to contact for more information.

Why are we special?

We aren’t completely wrong to say that appliance repairing services are not rare. But there are some special features in our services which makes you feel good to deal with us.

  • We offer you with a 24 hour online service. We ensure the fastest service once a job is taken as we know the importance of repairing essential appliances.
  • Our staff is professional, and experienced
  • We make no changes in the price once the contract is formed.

Our main concern is a to provide a satisfactory service to our customers. Get our services which will lead you towards a fulfilling lifestyle.

Ontario’s Preferred Repair Specialists, providing the Highest Standards of Service

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Our pricing is very competitive; you can talk to our team via e-mail or phone to get a quote for our services. We offer a one-year long warranty on the repaired parts.