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Appliances Repair, Refrigerator, Oven, Stoves, Dishware and Dryer Repair Services in Richmond Hill, Hamilton, Kitchener, Lindsay and Guelph

It is a fact that home electric appliances are among the most wanted daily needs in each of our homes. What would happen when one of those become faulty, and starts troubling you? The whole routine would be a mess if it is not repaired, isn’t it? We are there to avoid such troublesome situations you will have to face. Our services are not only for the busy cities with high population. Our focus is mainly on Richmond Hill which is a part of the GTA, the famous port city Hamilton, Kitchener: the city in southeastern Ontario, relatively small Lindsay, and ‘The royal city’, Guelph. It is for your notice that these cities are not considered as the main areas of the country, but what difference does it make in our job?

Our experienced crew is looking forward to visit your home, or workplace and fix any type of appliance. The main goal is to provide a satisfactory service for our customers, through placing professionals at your service. Our employees are always concerned about maintaining the company standards and giving a high-quality finish to their job disregarding the type.

Our Services

  • Kitchen/pantry appliances - Our experts repair electric or gas ovens, microwave ovens, refrigerators, different types of cookers, and many similar devices to give you back a relief. The training given to them, become useful when it comes to specific repairs in devices such as ovens. Our staff is updated on new technologies, so that they can give a satisfying service.
  • Stoves – There are experts to repair various types of stoves including gas and electric stoves. Starting from the identification of the problem, they are always focused on the job in order to finish it with a maximum level of satisfaction.
  • Dryers –You may feel that repairing dryers can be done by your own, but there are times in which you should identify the issue to the point as there may be similar issues which you may not even imagine of. Problems in the timer, heating coils or the thermostat are common in dryers. Feel free to contact us regarding any issues including the above mentioned.
  • Dishware – we have a separate set of professionals to repair dishware, as it is a completely different from the other categories. They are trained separately in a special way.

We also repair electric showers, air conditioners, and electric exercise machines.

Why should you select us?

  • Our well-trained staff is a huge asset for the company, as well as the customers. Their experience has made them experts in their particular field.
  • Our pricing strategy is not going to change after the job is done. Payments can be discussed before starting a new service.
  • We provide you with a 24-hour service, which will believe is helpful as these kinds of services are vital to have a smooth run in a household.

We ensure an effective after-service as well because we are truly concerned about your needs.

Ontario’s Preferred Repair Specialists, providing the Highest Standards of Service

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Our pricing is very competitive; you can talk to our team via e-mail or phone to get a quote for our services. We offer a one-year long warranty on the repaired parts.