Bosch Appliance Repairs

Bosch Appliance Repairs

A home should always be a place where you should worry less. Whether you are working full time or taking care of your child we believe that you should at always be at peace. A malfunctioning appliance will only make things worse and keep you tensed even more than necessary and that’s why Bosch is here to make sure your appliance related problems can be resolves as soon as possible. Appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves etc. plays a major role in carrying out with your day to day activities and these appliances are constantly in use. This causes them to breakdown pretty soon. We from Bosch have solutions to all your appliance related problems and will consult them immediately.

A German company that has been actively providing various solutions since 1886, we know what our customers’ needs are and makes sure all of them are done with expert finish. Our experience has made us ready for any problem that has come throughout our years of service and we have the solutions to all of them

Your device is in good hands

We considered our customers the building blocks of our improvement and we will continue to do so by providing expert technicians to all you appliance related problems. Every repair will be handles by our technicians who are well qualified to deal with any given situation. Furthermore they have been well trained and friendly, so ask away any doubts! All repairs to any appliance will always be done as soon as possible and will be given care as of our own. You can trust us with your device and we will deliver it with the best solution out there for a reasonable cost.

The services we provide

With time comes experience and we from Bosch has a decade of it. We provide various other services and all of them have equally various other repair solutions provided. Be it a cooling issue or a heating issue our services are countless but here are some common issues within home appliances that we provide solutions to


  • Turning on malfunctions
  • Odd noises within
  • Ice cubes not forming
  • less cooling
  • high consumption of power
  • indicator and lighting are not functioning properly


  • Broken belt
  • motor malfunctions
  • indicator not working
  • water level sensor not working
  • detergent issues
  • Not draining completely


  • turning on issues
  • intense heating
  • indicator not working
  • too much electricity consumption
  • wrinkles clothes
  • dryer takes longer time than usual


  • Leakage of water
  • not rinsing properly
  • excess detergent used
  • door locks malfunctioning
  • unusual noises
  • Excess water consumption


  • doesn’t heat according to timer
  • over heating
  • indicators not working
  • buttons not functioning
  • dangerous sparks

Apart from these common issues we have several other issues that Bosch will cover.

The Finished Service

After a repair is done we don’t stop there. We continue to provide a guarantee because we know that sometimes these appliances can be faulty. So we provide a range of warranties that would satisfy our customers and make sure your device runs hassle free

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Our pricing is very competitive; you can talk to our team via e-mail or phone to get a quote for our services. We offer a one-year long warranty on the repaired parts.