LG Appliances Repairs

LG Appliances Repairs

A dream home is what most people are eager to invest on. And Home appliances are an essential requirement in every home. They are the building blocks in making life much easier to cope with. Home appliances like refrigerators, washes, dishwashers etc. are used on a constant basis and is prone to a lot of wearing and damages in time. What’s worse than coming home stressed from work, is finding out your washing machine has broken down. A place where you call home cannot be always prone to such setbacks and we from LG are aware of it.

A company that provides various services since 1958, LG has come far in providing the best facilities for our customers. Not only have we learned the art of manufacturing essential appliances, we also have our expertise rooted deeply within repairs. Whether you need to repair a broken belt within your washer or repair a malfunction within the cooling system in the refrigerator, our expert technicians have got you covered.

The Trust

Customer loyalty means everything to us and we take them seriously. Your device will be touched by professionals who are well qualified for any given situation. Furthermore every call will be prioritized and look into as soon as possible for a quick service. We understand the importance of every appliance, be it expensive or not we will treat all of them with utmost care and provide the essential service without any unwanted expenses. Our experts will run you through every detail in the repairing process to keep you well informed and provide with expert advice to prevent any such damages.

Our Range of Services

Since we have been in this field for almost 50 years, we have experience on all sorts of appliances and are ready to provide services that would keep your malfunctioning appliance running in no time. Here are some of the services provided.

LG provides many service for our valued customers, these are the common problems and we have solutions to them all.


  • Noises within the refrigerator
  • door doesn’t close properly
  • lighting and indicator malfunctions
  • A frost is building up inside
  • too much consumption of power
  • lack of cooling within


  • Drain pump leaking
  • Tub not rotating
  • indicators malfunctioning
  • door seal malfunctions
  • water level not functioning properly


  • Strange noises within
  • dryer not turning on
  • clothes turning out wrinkled
  • lack of heat
  • too much heating
  • a longer period of time to dry clothes


  • Noisy cleaning process
  • leaking
  • Not turning on
  • Door not closing properly
  • Issues with draining
  • detergent will be excess or stop working


  • heating issues
  • stops mid heating process
  • buttons malfunctioning
  • indicators malfunctioning
  • sparks inside the microwave

These are some service provided but there are a lot more and LG has got you covered with any problem that you might face within you appliances.


We know how electronics work and sometimes even after a repair there can be another malfunction. Providing with warranty and guarantee is something that we provide to all our repaired to keep our customers satisfied all day.

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Our pricing is very competitive; you can talk to our team via e-mail or phone to get a quote for our services. We offer a one-year long warranty on the repaired parts.